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More about X-Cash

X-Cash is a truly innovative blockchain with unique features built from scratch. They developed the FlexPrivacy feature, giving the opportunity to the user to chose between sending their transaction privately or publicly, from the same account, on the same blockchain, and on a per transaction basis. This is the first Cryptonight coin showing this hybrid feature.

X-Cash will soon move to Delegated Proof-of-Stake (dPoS), X-Cash's delegated Proof-of-Stake offers a unique feature to delegates which are also able to offer their storage and consensus capactiy to host additional sidechains.

X-Cash's true innovation relies in its capacity to onboard users blockchain. Because these blockchain are directly hosted by the delegates, they are secured, customizable and economical. To learn more about X-Cash and it's features visit X-Network.io

Delegated Proof-of-Stake (dPoS)

dPoS is a consensus mechanism where only a subset of nodes in the network are allowed to validate transactions and mine blocks. The nodes validating the transactions are known as the delegates as they are elected by the token holders of the cryptocurrency. Given that the process of block creation doesn’t require heavy computation as in Proof-of-Work.

Delegated Proof-of-Stake is the best answer to tackle scalability and future upgrades of the network while lowering the energy consumption by 99%. The consensus algorithm is based on a modified version of Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance, which allows for a fast consensus to happen while increasing the security.

For instance, 51% attacks are not possible anymore. The selection of the next block producer is made through verifiable random functions (VRF) which increase the safety of the network by preventing any possible anticipation of which delegate will mint the next block.


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