Useful Links for X-Cash


Cryptocurrency Exchange

STEX is our recommended exchange to trade other cryptocurrency for X-Cash. You will have better luck trading Litecoin (LTC) for X-Cash (our opinion). If you do not have an account for STEX, you can sign up here. As we said this is our recommended exchange, there are other exchanges such as Tradesatoshi, and GRAVIEX.

Buy Cryptocurrency for Fiat

Coinbase is an exchange you can buy cryptocurrency for fiat (real money). Buy your crypto of choice and trade it for X-Cash on STEX, or any other exchange. If you do not have a Coinbase account, sign up for one here.

Cryptocurrency Exchange and Storage

X-Bank is the first product built on the X-Cash Blockchain. It is a secure way to store cryptocurrency while enabling a bridge with additional products. There is a 20 month airdrop program of X-Cash which is performed through the X-Bank, to learn about the airdrop click here. To sign up for an X-Bank account click here.

Learn More about the Blockchain

Visit to learn more about X-Cash, X-Bank, features, and more.